Why We Should Be Against Capital Punishment Essay Example

Why We Should Be Against Capital Punishment Essay Example

Burning flesh, flaming, smoked and charred bodies, and more gruesome deaths are botched executions of the capital punishment The Capital Punishment also known as the death penalty is the highest level of punishment by the law. In California, the death penalty was reinstated in 1977 and 13 people have been executed since then. Capital Punishment is immoral because it’s inhumane there is a risk of innocence and racially bias.Capital Punishment is immoral because it’s inhumane. Statistics show that in the five types of executions there have been over 275 botched executions out of the 8.7 thousand executions. The word botched means carried out badly or carelessly. This shows that over 275 people’s executions weren’t properly executed and they might have been tortured to death. This matters because violating everybody’s 8th Amendment end respecting the Amendments is one of the few ways to keep the US as a whole. There have been many cases across the Us in which many people have been killed by a cruel and unjust punishment.  A case in which the capital punishment was Immoral was in Donald Eugene Harding case, his type of execution was with lethal pills which took 10 and 1/2 minutes to kill him after ingesting the pills. He was spasming, moaning, and jerking around violently for six and six and a half minutes. One of the spectators who attended the execution said it ”Was an ugly event we put animals to death better.” Another person who was present at the execution suffered from insomnia and other illnesses for weeks after viewing the execution. This incident completely goes against our 8th amendment, which states that cruel or unusual punishment cannot be inflicted on any person. Breaking this amendment will show that there are people are being tortured to death, which is a flaw in Capital punishment. The capital As many flaws the most botched execution was death by electric shock. John Evans was Even death by electric shock execution when terribly wrong and it took 14 minutes to kill him with three jolts of electricity. “After George Ryan Sparks and smoke came out of the machine and under his left Temple still alive another jolt was applied. After the second jolt, more smoke came while also his flesh was being burned his head and legs in flames. He was still alive. The last Jolt finally killed him, his body smoked and charred after 14 minutes of torture.” (“Gruesome Death in Chamber pushes Arizona to injections”) This case represents the many other cases in which people have died to electric jolts in an inhumane and cruel way. Which goes back to the point of going against the 8th Amendment, so the death penalty should be removed.Capital punishment is immoral because of the risk of innocent. 39 executions are claimed to have been carried out in the U.S. in the face of evidence of innocence or serious doubt about guilt. Since 1976 the United States has executed over 1,400 offenders: none of them have since been granted a posthumous exoneration. One of the cases in which an innocent person was proclaimed the death penalty was the case of Joseph Spazion. “He was trialed for the manslaughter of a woman two years prior of the trial with the only evidence being a testimony of a drug-addicted teen. He was given many death warrants and he is in jail and hasn’t been released.”(Innocence and the death penalty”) This shows that he has a chance to be given the death penalty after the only evidence is a drug-addicted teen which could have been on drugs while witnessing the manslaughter. This shows the flaws of his trial and it would be unjust to put him to death. Another case in which an innocent was put to death was Jesse Jafero. She was sentenced to death for the murder of a policeman. The Chief prosecution witness had failed a lie-detector test, saying she was guilty, which proved the person was not guilty of the murder, but unfortunately had already been executed two years prior to her Innocence being proven. This shows that because of the death penalty an innocent person who had done nothing was put to death for a crime she hadn’t done. For this reason, the death penalty should be removed due to the risk of many more innocent people being killed for crimes they didn’t do. Carlos DeLuna was another innocent person who was given the death penalty. “He was convicted of stabbing a store clerk at a gas station. He was sentenced to death in 1989 and in 2006 n17 years later of his conviction new evidence was revealed that Hernandez a look-alike which had many violent felonies against had killed the store clerk.” (James S. Leibman Professor at Columbia Law School.) This last piece of evidence means that with many innocent people being prosecuted by the death penalty. Even though only 39 of the 158 innocent people executed by the death penalty the other amount has a risk of being prosecuted. With the death penalty being the Capital punishment of the country for over 3 centuries, we need to remove it as it killed over 35 innocent people who deserved the right to live. The last reason capital punishment is immoral because of racial biases across many courts in the US. It is wrong for an innocent person to be prosecuted by the death penalty while also knowing that the judge Was racially bias in their case which led to the death of an innocent person. An example of this issue was the case of Truman wood. The judge who preceded Woods case made several openly racist remarks, saying “Mexicans are nothing but filthy animals.” The same racist judge had given Wood the death penalty. (“Supreme court declining to review alleged racial bias in Oklahoma”) The supreme court should have not declined this racial bias case. The judge had made racist remarks of the person who was proven we don’t know was innocent or guilty. Making those remarks showed that the case’s output could have been racial bias. The charge was Reuben to have racial bias outputs to a case in which one case was Julius Jones. Julius Jones was an African-American who was sentenced to capital punishment following what is called current lawyers described as “highly racialized pretrial”. Jones  a partition on one of the remarks, the juror said,” Take that nigger out and shoot him behind the jail.”(Supreme court declines to review alleged Racial Bias in Oklahoma”) Another reason why I chose the death penalty is racially biased is when Washington State strikes down the death penalty citing racial bias. Washington state is confident that the association between race and the death penalty is not attributed to a random chance it is an act of direct racism. Washington has been the 20th State to abolish the death penalty and their main cause is racial bias across many cases in Washington. (“Washington State strikes down the Death Penalty, citing racial bias”) This shows that Washington state knows that race plays a big part in many cases of the death penalty across the Us so they stopped the Death Penalty in their state to stop racial bias cases of innocent people being killed to the death penalty.In the story Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck. The death penalty of George killing Lennie is not right. The book is about Two migrant field workers in California on their plantation during the Great Depression—George Milton, an intelligent but uneducated man, and Lennie Small, a bulky, strong man but mentally disabled. They go to work on a ranch to make a living. While working on the ranch, George and Lennie continue to dream about owning their own piece of land and make plans accordingly. The story ends with Lennie accidentally killing curly’s wife, which makes everyone on the ranch go after him. At the end of the book, George shoots Lennie in the back of the head. I think the initiative of George is unjust for Lennie. If Lennie would have received an unbias trial, he would have been let out because of his mentally unstable mind which caused him to accidentally kill Curly’s wife.The killing of innocent people, racial bias, and inhumane killings all result in the reason why the death penalty is immoral and should be removed. The removal of the death penalty will decrease the number of innocent people dying, will decrease the chance of many peoples 8th amendment being violated and man more downfall of keeping Capital Punishment.


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