Why I’m Pro Capital Punishment Essay Example

Why I’m Pro Capital Punishment Essay Example

I think that the death penalty should be legal in all states in the nation. There are many reasons as to why I believe the death penalty should be legalized in all states, including keeping people safe and deterring other criminals because opposing arguments do not hold up or make sense to me or pull me away from what believe of the issues are on controversial topic like this. I’m not saying when someone steals something then they need to have their hand chopped off. But yes that person needs a punishment. But not by taking their hand or death for someone stealing or there has even cases when someone kills in self defense they should not be the one being questioned they have the right to bear arms. To protect them and the ones they love. The fact that someone who has committed an unspeakable crime. Like Dylan Roof, Nicholas Cruz,James Holmes,and there many more scumbags like them who have done horrible things to innocent people. When someone like that even gets to go in front off the broken-hearted families for a inhuman act as such the one I just mentioned is beyond me. How they get to have any time to talk is sad people like Roof in my opinion now has no rights deserves no lawyer or anything to stop him from facing the inevitable. He showed the men women and children no mercy. So we need to give him the same as he did because if not he will keep asking for repel after repel wasting time and money. Here’s a little bit of a history lesson on the death Penalty in the United States the death penalty in the USA may be traced back to colonial times in the 1600’s. It is claimed that the first recorded death sentence and execution by firing squad was carried out in the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia in 1608. There are people in this world who will never change and have and will continue to break the utmost hateful crimes and we as Americans need come up with a solution for them to be less of a threat to any other person there’s a effective solution to this we need to give a sentence they won’t come back from. You would think that who would ever think about taking a innocent life because of race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or believes is a human rights violation is not to smart and if we want to outlaw it and letting the just sit in jail taking up space and wasting tax dollars not to mention some of these guys are treated like kings in jail. We have a problem we can’t have people like this just roaming around and waiting to strike and when there is a opportunity they will do terrible things to a innocent people who have done nothing wrong to them or anybody else. When there men out there who are drug dealers and will do anything to keep their tail safe. It is a known fact that deadly drugs such as meth coke kills millions every year and there are people out Selling drugs to people who are already addicted to that and will do anything to get a high even of that means taking a life and even when these criminals are running gangs who are a huge issue in this country of ours and we need to crack down on this it will never stop the guys who want to get rich quickly by trafficking drugs and making problems for everyone else.  El chapo should have the same consequences as Ted Bundy. These traffickers have no basis to appeal to our government for help also they are breaking more laws in other ways. I wish we as a human society didn’t have to make decisions like this but it’s a necessary evil we have to do and if we  don’t follow through then we have a issue. It’s like when you or someone you love have committed a series crime then you want them to have second chance and depending on the crime I’m all for it but understand that if you get a second chance that’s it if you screw up again that’s it you’re done and after that one if a criminal rapes someone or kills then they need to dealt with. The fact that people like Dylan Roof get to be in a place where he’s feed warm and so on and so forth is very sad and there homeless people who don’t even get that. The family’s can not rest easy noting that the monster who did this to them is still alive until we stop being so kind to people like this more and more will go on and there has to a limit on repels one can get because they will use them over and over again and will just want to stop wasting money on it by just giving them a live sentence. When people are hiding in plane sight and and don’t stand out how will we not take the obvious ones They are showing zero empty for people who don’t care about anything or anybody but themselves they will and say anything to get what they want and more times the not it isn’t the guy who looks crazy or the quit person. It’s guys who don’t stand out and blend in guys like Ted bundy who are the good looking guys who have it all and could convince anyone to do anything for him because he knew how to talk and when he spoke to people no one thought twice.  With all of they people in the world no matter how hard you try to help you always have a one who won’t listen and cause issue I’m not saying put them to death but we can’t continue to let this go on by just saying they learned there lesson and they get a slap on the wrist with little to no punishment and others see that and knowing this they know the liberals will give them.I think No one deserves to die in pain not even a criminal but sometimes I’m ok with that and unlike the old days the methods of execution have gradually become more humane over the years, so the argument that the death penalty is cruel and unusual is not valid. Even when in cases where they do feel pain then they kinda of deserve it of what they did. Until you experience something like this than you may not understand how bad it is because of one person destroyed the lives of many Because of a certain person. They did a crime the and now they need to let the people of the families decide what happens to them and if they will want him to to be in the same pain they have felt. then they should get a say in what should happen to the suspect to give them a feeling safety. A very small chance of executing the wrong person is balanced by the benefits to society of putting off other murderers. The checks and balances designed into the system ensure that the chances of a mistake are very low indeed.  Indeed prisoners are 6 times more likely to be released from death row on appeal than walk the route to the execution chamber. The argument that it is morally superior not to execute prisoners is as seductive as it is misleading.  It is easy to feel sorry for someone in an orange suit who says they repent of their crime but at the end of the day they did commit a crime. Furthermore the crime they committed, in order to find themselves on death row was no ordinary crime.  It was cruel, it was violent and it ended the life of another person, an innocent victim. It is only right and proper that people are punished for the crimes they commit.  It is also right that that punishment be proportionate. Who would this help where the possible sentence is death, the prisoner has the strongest possible incentive to try to get their sentence reduced, even to life imprisonment without possibility of parole, and it’s argued that capital punishment therefore gives a useful tool to the police.This is a very feeble justification for capital punishment, and is rather similar to arguments that torture is justified because it would be a useful police tool. To the average person, the severest punishment on Earth is the death penalty. Certain crimes are so heinous that they deserve nothing but the death penalty. Let’s take an example of a terrorist who deliberately murders dozens of innocent civilians.  Is it fair to hand such a criminal a life term in prison where he is going to be taken care of by the same society he harmed? The severity of his crime deserves a severe punishment like the death penalty. Not until such a person is executed by the state, justice hasn’t been served. It is only fair that a person who deliberately commits murder should also have his life taken away from him by the state through the death penalty. Justice isn’t really served until the punishment a criminal receives is equivalent.In a 2016 California had the unique situation of having two ballot measures up for a vote that purported would save taxpayers millions of dollars per year: one to speed up existing executions  and one to convert all death penalty convictions to life without parole Proposition. The idea put forward by abolitionists that it costs more to execute someone than imprison them for life is simply not true and there is plenty of evidence to show this. But really if we stop people from being on a list that takes years to happen then it will cost money but the thing is that a rope is only 10 dollars.I think No one deserves to die in pain not even a criminal but sometimes I’m ok with that . The  methods of execution have gradually become more humane over the years, so the argument that the death penalty is cruel and unusual is not valid. Even when in cases where they do feel pain then they kinda of deserve it of what they did. Much of the cost, indeed, much of the criticism of the death penalty, is attributed to ‘decades of appeals.’ It is unsurprising that the loudest complaints about death penalty delays come from death penalty opponents who have created them… Claimed ‘cost studies,’ often performed by or at the behest of death penalty opponents, are frequently so incomplete as to be false and misleading. For example, they don’t take into account the increase in the cost of life without parole cases if there were no death penalty. Criminal defendants who are facing the death penalty which today must be pleaded by prosecutors up front  often want to make a deal by pleading guilty to first degree murder in exchange for a sentencing recommendation of life without parole. The existence of the death penalty as a possible sentence leads to guilty pleas that save the money spent on trials and limit the opportunity for appeals. I would like to say that our Founding Fathers could not imagine a nation without capital punishment. Back in those days, there was no question of the value of public safety and personal responsibility, which brings me to my final thoughts: we as Americans have become so tolerant and have failed to discipline our children, to teach them right from wrong that we have created a generation of people who take no responsibility for their actions and expect no consequences for their behavior. I believe this is the reason the country is in the trouble that it’s in. https://deathpenalty.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=002000https://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2014/09/29/the-death-penalty-saves-lives-by-deterring-crimehttps://deathpenaltycurriculum.org/student/c/about/arguments/argument1a.htmhttps://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/in-an-enlightened-age-the-death-penalty-is-still-justice/https://www.economist.com/the-economist-explains/2018/08/24/why-support-for-the-death-penalty-is-rising-again-in-americahttps://www.thoughtco.com/arguments-for-the-death-penalty-721136https://www.criminaljusticedegreeschools.com/criminal-justice-resources/criminal-justice-capital-punishment-focus/https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2016/12/12/death-penalty-supreme-court-race-disability-constitutional/94751300/https://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/18/us/18deter.htmlhttps://www.chroniclesmagazine.org/2018/September/43/9/magazine/article/10845216/


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