The Surprise Party

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The Surprise Party

The Surprise Party

The Surprise Party At eight o’clock on the evening of my lucky birthday, I was alone at home grumbling and frowning, shouting furiously and pitying myself for my misfortune. I thought it was going to be a special day filled with presents and fun, but all I received was a “Happy Birthday”. All of a sudden, the electricity cut off and there was complete darkness in the house. I couldn’t do anything therefore I decided to go to sleep and end this unlucky day. Out of the blue on that quiet night, I heard a sudden noise coming from downstairs.

I was startled and terribly shocked. I suspected that someone broke into the house. Immediately, I tried to phone my parents, but I had no answer. I phoned the police but my mobile was without credit! After a couple of minutes of fear, I started to calm down. Although in the meantime I heard more noises of people talking, I made some courage and started heading for the basement. As I slowly reached more and the basement, I guessed there was more than one person, but I found it hard to believe.

There couldn’t be a lot of people in our basement! Courageously, I opened the door of the basement. There was complete darkness. There wasn’t a single noise. However, as I approached, I heard some laughter and confirmed that there were people. All of a sudden, the lights were on and there were my parents and friends cheering at me. It was a surprise party!! On a table where there were the cake and the food, there were the precious presents that I wished for a long time.

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