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The Kite Runner Redemption Article


kite runner redemption article


It is reasonable to say that Amir redeemed himself by displaying courage at the end of Khaled Hosseini’s highly controversial book, The Kite Runner. Not everyone has courage, and some develop it later in life in all aspects of their lives.

We define the opportunity to do something terrifying as bravery. That’s precisely what Amir did when he got a call from an old friend, Rahim Khan. He repented for his atrocities and decided it was time to make things right and “be good again.”


He put at risk his new life by returning to his dangerous homeland to make amends for something he had done years before. Amir vowed to fix his mistakes and, by doing so, demonstrated courage and redemption. Amir betrayed his only friend Hassan in the cruellest

and darkest of ways. He witnessed something unspeakable and did not help his friend or make anyone aware of the situation.


Yet Amir was a young boy at the time, and young kids can be unaware of situations such as these. He previously knew what he saw was wrong and experienced, at the very least, say, heart-wrenchingly guilt-ridden. He was aware of his cowardness.


“I ran because I was a coward. I ran because I was afraid of what Assef could do to

  1. I was afraid of getting hurt (The Kite Runner 140)” When Rahim Khan calls him nearly 30 years later with the opportunity to redeem themselves, he takes it. He interprets it as they need to have the mistake he made with Hassan and realizes that saving his now orphaned child, Sohrab, is the way to go. He demonstrates his newfound bravery by travelling to Afghanistan, where they never wanted to visit again. Although his homeland is now dangerous and infested with vicious Taliban, they have set out to save his nephew.


Initially, Amir travels to a run-down Afghan orphanage in the hopes of finding Sohrab and

releasing him to a loving couple. When he arrives, he discovers that the Taliban has used his nephew, and they set out to save him from his menacing the child years bully, Assef. This courageous act demonstrates how far Amir was willing to go for a payoff. Assef beat Kidder 2 pitilessly and brutally to obtain Sohrab. His redemption appeared to be his retribution in many ways. When Assef injured him, Amir thought he was finally paying for his sins and mistakes.


“My body was broken-just how badly I wouldn’t find out until later, but I felt healed.

Healed, at last, I laughed (The Kite Runner 253).” Dealing with his demon and saving Sohrab was undoubtedly his most courageous act. Amir always thought of Hassan as his figurative, metaphorical brother, having been “fed from the same breast.” He was in disbelief if he discovered Hassan was his biological brother, but he accepted it. They decided he should bring Sohrab to America to live with him. He knew this brave act would be his final step toward redemption in his heart.


He would never be able to undo what had happened to Hassan, but preserving his son would prevent further misfortune. It was challenging for Sohrab to transition from a

life of problems in Afghanistan to a life of goals in America. General Tahiry harshly judged those who had been silent for two years. “You will never again refer to him as ‘Hazara boy’ in my presence,” Amir told the General. He has a very Sohrab name (The Kite Runner 315). He was brave and honorable, as the General had long intimidated them.


Typically, The Kite Runner is a spectacular, well-crafted novel that demonstrates how an individual can develop the virtue of bravery even many years later. The character Amir did was heinous, but he fully atoned for his errors. He went above and beyond to make things right after realizing the error of his ways. It took some courage to travel to one’s neglected hometown, where they encountered difficulties. It took a lot of bravery for him to bring his nephew to safety from the Taliban. Amir endured enough pain and demonstrated enough bravery to be forgiven of his sins.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the kite runner essay about?


The Kite Runner is a story about an Afghan boy, Amir, a Pashtun, who goes from living in a war-torn Afghanistan to a successful writer living in America.


It is one of a kind, coming of age classic which describes and reveals the thoughts and actions of Amir, a Pashtun from Kabul


What is the main message of the kite runner?

The key message of The Kite Rinner is that redemption from past mistakes is always possible.


His past thoughts and guilt from his earliest actions haunted the main character Amir, a Pashtun from Kabul.

He feels he handles the death of his mother, who passed away while giving birth to him.


The novel also focuses on male friendships. A friendship that Amir, the main character had with his father.

What is the main message or insight into life found within the kite runner?

The major theme of The Kite Runner is that guilt from past activities can consume one’s life unless one takes a step and redeems themselves.


The book offers a great deal of insight into little things in life one may not be aware of.

While reading the story, you get an insight into the daily life of the Afghani people and their culture.


What is a thesis statement for the kite runner?

The influence of Afghan culture and historical events

The setting for this book is in three places. The first is Amir’s childhood in Afghanistan.Then, at the beginning of the violent conflicts, Baba and Amir leave Afghanistan for America. Baba goes from being a wealthy man to a poor immigrant.


The third part of the book is about Amir’s return to Afghanistan and his discovery that it has changed. While the book is fiction, Hosseini’s own life and experiences inspire some of the work. 


There are many examples of Afghan culture and outlines of actual events that took place in Afghanistan over the past several decades. It is significant that this book shows a much different country from the one that is often presented in the American media. Address the differences and similarities of Afghanistan events and culture in the book and in media coverage.


What does the kite symbolize in the kite runner?

The kite serves as a symbol of Amir’s happiness. It also signifies Amir’s guilt.

Amir, as a child, enjoyed flying kites mostly because it was the only way to connect with Baba.


The kite takes a different significance, which is guilt after Amir allows Hassan to be raped because he wants to bring the blue kite back to Baba.


Amir finally flies a kite with Sohrab at the end of the novel after redeeming himself for the guilt he had

How is the kite runner a coming of age story?

The Kite Runner follows a young Amir, a Pashtun from Kabul, who begins his story from birth, but ‘comes of age because of the events in his life.

The novel ends with Amir being a fully mature and enlightened adult.

What does the kite runner teach us about friendship?

Friendship is one of the major themes in The Kite Runner.

The theme is explored in the relationship between Baba and Amir, who are Pashtun and Ali and Hassan, who are Hazara.


When questioned by Assef about his friendship with a Hazara, Amir admits: “But he’s not my friend!” I almost blurted. “He’s my servant!” Had I really thought that? Of course, I hadn’t.  I hadn’t. I treated Hassan well, just like a friend, better even, more like a brother.’


What did the kite runner teach you about forgiveness?

Amir’s father forgives a sin that he considers the root of all sins.

At the beginning of the story, Assef pretends to forgive Hassan but rapes and beats them when he finally realizes that they do not meet his conditions.

Khan believes ‌people are the ones who have a hard time forgiving.

Khan believes ‌God forgives those that ask for forgiveness.

This theme of forgiveness and redemption comes hand in hand and to be fully forgiven you need to redeem yourself.

What is the significance of the ending of the kite runner?

The end of the novel offers a glimmer of hope for Amir and Sohrab.

It also addresses the new guilt that Amir has both for what he has done in the past and his younger self.

Amir now turns to God for forgiveness and also to help Sohrab.

What does the title The Kite Runner mean with regard to the plot of the story?

The title refers to the character Hassan, Amir’s good friend who narrators the story.

It also refers to the events that change the lives of the boys, the competitive kite running, which is as much as of a national sport in Afghanistan as playing football in the United States.

The title also refers to the freedom of the kite which is made possible by controlling it through manipulation of the spool.

This book captures the story of their friendship in ‌these aspects of it.

Why is the kite runner important?

The Kite Runner focuses nearly only on male relationship, a father and son relationship.


The plot, childhood, innocence, diversity, love, war, loyalty, royalty, honor, sin, redemption, good, bad, power, friendship. Each of which is tied in a string called The Kite Runner, that is definite to take away your heart.

How does kite runner show betrayal?

Amir commits several betrayals in the story’s plot.

To prove himself to his father, Amir throws Hassan under the bus.

It also happens when Amir redeems himself by coming to the rescue of Hassan’s son, but ‌he abandon’s son committing another betrayal.

Baba displays betrayal by sleeping with Ali’s wife, Sanaubar, and she becomes pregnant.

Baba betrays a friendship which had gone for over forty years.

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