Teacher Descriptive Essay

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Teacher Descriptive Essay

Teacher Descriptive Essay

Lily Campbell Block 3 Mr. Watrous 18 September 2012 Who is Mr. Watrous? When we initially meet someone, we immediately tend to judge by physical appearance. This is somewhat of a natural instinct, although the way someone looks does not necessarily reflect the individual’s true self. When I first strolled into Mr. Watrous’s classroom, my first impression was that he’d be a stern, serious teacher. Soon after I heard him speak to our class, and even more, after having him for a few blocks, I found that he is an amiable and whimsical man.

My first impression of Mr. Watrous is nothing at all as his true personality. He’s actually quite an interesting teacher and very different from the majority. Mr. Watrous appears to be middle-aged, as his dark brown, short hair is filling in with gray. He doesn’t seem to have wrinkles. Instead he has a clear, healthy-looking face, impressive green eyes, and dark stubble from his beard. He’s about medium height for an adult man and has a thin, yet muscular frame. Mr. Watrous dresses differently than most teachers at Central West.

His most stylish outfits consist of “tablecloth” prints, button-up shirts, green pants, and two-inch heeled shoes. But what he regularly wears are collared or button-up shirts, jeans, and dress shoes. In my opinion, Mr. Watrous’s appearance makes him appear a strong, harsh kind of guy. But in reality, he’s far from that. In class, Mr. Watrous is a mixture of both formal and informal. When lecturing, or directly asking questions he speaks and behaves quite formally. However, when he casually speaks with a student he’s more informal.

Outside of the classroom Mr. Watrous’s speech is Campbell 2 more informal with the use of a lot of slang. For example, he refers to the people he’s speaking to as “men” often, despite their gender, as part of his normal vocabulary. In our class, Mr. Watrous acts as if he wants the best possible out of us. He seems really focused on preparing us for the future. He talks to us about college and our future constantly. He also teaches us the importance of speaking in a formal and informal manner and indirectly teaches us life lessons.

One example I’ll never forget was that on the first day of school he assigned an almost impossible task of answering about 40 questions in 15 minutes, in an attempt to teach us that we need to speak up and recognize ridiculous tasks requested of us. It seems that Mr. Watrous’s thoughts are really clever and strategic. Yet, when one asks him to describe how he thinks he says little of it is based on logic and he usually just ends up going with his gut.

This is consistent with how Mr. Watrous teaches, he presents himself as a really smart, all-knowing guy, but as he’s teaching he is thinking of new things to say. In our classroom, Mr. Watrous thinks a lot about his students and how to help them succeed, but outside of school, he has more important priorities. He owns an art gallery and ranch, plus he has a family. Mr. Watrous probably thinks about his ranch very often since it needs maintenance. Since he is an artist, he is very creative, I’m sure he is constantly thinking of new things to paint.

Just like any other husband/father, Mr. Watrous is going to constantly thinks about his family. Students look up to Mr. Watrous and treat him very respectfully. He is appreciated by his students who trust him, and want to learn from him. Students will joke around with Mr. Watrous since he’ll joke around with us often also. Mr. Watrous treats his student in a respectful manner.

Although he will be honest, and tell someone what is exactly on his mind. He holds our class up to high standards and wants us to be the best possible. If a student says “Um” he’ll mock them Campbell 3 every single time, hoping that we will eventually stop being unsure of ourselves and think before we talk. He does this so we will think before we speak and not be unsure of ourselves.

Mr. Watrous is a different kind of teacher but in a good way. His appearance is deceiving since he looks scary and means. He’s really actually super nice and a laid-back teacher. He acts differently in his classroom and home settings. As a teacher, his interest is in what’s best for his students. His students realize that so they respect and appreciate him very much.

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