Reading as a Psycho-Social Process.

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Reading as a Psycho-Social Process.

Reading as a Psycho-Social Process.

Reading as a Psycho-social process. Every second of the day, people read messages from official communication, mass media, and the Internet. Through the internet alone which is today’s most popular form of communication, people can read and interact immediately with e-mails, news and information websites, other forms of informational, commercial, political, and development websites, as well as blog sites that are interactive journals on all facets of modern living. Needless to say, reading is a social activity that engages humans in the world.

It is also purposeful social communication, as it involves all facets of life from what is private to what is official, from what is personal to once what is public. The workings of businesses, industries, schools, governments, foundations, and international agencies like the United Nations would be stalled without reading as a human activity. Imagine the load of messages that we would miss without reading personal e-mails and letters, newspaper news and commentaries, government documents, agency plans, international agency policies, etc.

Reading is also professional as it is a form of communication done in all professions and human pursuits including scientific and technological research and studies. As you graduate, you would want your prospective employers to read your job application paper, resume, and samples of your written work. Read more in Education « All About Glee 6th Grade Parenting Guide » Also, reading is a unique activity that you can adopt every day.

Speaking of reading as a skill like other skills such as dancing, writing, acting, and sports is something you can continually improve upon. Countless hours have been spent on these other skills and so we should not be reluctant to accept the suggestion that our reading ability, too, needs constructive development. In sum, reading can mean the difference between the amateur and professional, as well as the successful career person you wish to become.

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