Organizational Theory and Behavior Essay Example

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Organizational Theory and Behavior Essay Example

Organizational Theory and Behavior Essay Example

Various myths about teamwork can hold back an organization if they are not set straight. According to Wright (2013), teams comprise harmonious individuals who compromise their needs for the team’s sake. This myth suggests that a team is made up of people who sacrifice their needs to accomplish the team’s goals. A team with members with the same profile is likely to fail because all members have similar ideas (Parker 2009).

Working with members with similar roles is more accessible in team roles, but such a team will not be effective. The reality is that a team should be made up of diverse people who meet specific needs. Diversity is essential because it is a strength that enables team members to come up with different ideas. A balanced team is made up of different behavioral strengths to offer diverse viewpoints (Wright 2013).

The second myth is that conflicts in a team are unhealthy (Wright 2013). According to this myth, conflicts result in disunity, making the team not achieve its objectives. The reality is that conflicts within a team are perceived as a source of positive energy (Parker 2009). Teams should perceive conflicts as positive because it eliminates apathy. Additionally, conflicts help team members think, eliminating blinkers and promoting creativity.

The third myth is that most people like teamwork (Wright 2013). This myth suggests that people like teamwork because it simplifies achieving goals. However, not every organization member will respond to teamwork similarly because people have preferences.

Some people prefer working alone while others prefer working as a team. The fourth myth is that teamwork is vital to a business’s success (Wright 2013). According to this myth, organizations can only achieve success through teamwork. The reality is that teams are only successful in complex matters.  An organization can successfully complete simple tasks or processes without teamwork.

The fifth myth is that it is easy to influence and manage teams (Wright 2013). According to this myth, it is easy to influence and manage teams to achieve the stated goals. The reality is that teams require different skills to achieve their objectives. Additionally, it is not easy to influence teams because supervisors or managers can frustrate teams by failing to engage team members or sharing relevant information.

The sixth myth is that top managers encourage teamwork (Wright 2013). This myth suggests that the top management supports forming teams to help achieve goals. The reality is that senior managers do not like the team because they are uneasy with the loss of control associated with teamwork. Some are uncomfortable with the process because teamwork will likely expose their weakness to subordinates.

Many people in teams believe that conflicts are unhealthy for a team. Cooperation is required for the team to achieve its objectives when people work together. Conflicts within a team disrupt the efforts of the team to accomplish specific goals (West 2012).

People believe that conflicts are unhealthy because they affect employees’ relationships, lead to confusion about team roles, and decrease job satisfaction. However, conflicts in a team are essential since they are energy sources that can be harnessed for the good of every member.

Additionally, conflicts improve engagement levels and release the genuine emotions of team members. It is difficult to influence people to reality because conflicts increase anxiety and decrease a team’s productivity (West 2012).

The adverse effects of team conflicts make it difficult to see the difference between reality and myth. Also, conflicts associated with different views, perceptions, and opinions can be lengthy and time-consuming. Sometimes there can be a much better result achieved with fewer team members due to fewer interruptions and conflicts.

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