My Food, My Business. Obesity in America Essay Example

Obesity in America Essay Example

My Food, My Business. Obesity in America Essay Example

We may all have an opinion on, “What you eat is your business,” Radley Balko argues that obesity is a concern, but shouldn’t be a public responsibility. The government shouldn’t have business in our personal life. If they want to help with the obesity crisis, then they may suggest better prices on healthy foods to those that are less fortunate such as low-income communities as well as others that are open to change and want to live a healthy lifestyle.    should be able to eat what we want and the consequences of our bad choices as well.

The government is trying to control what we eat, instead, they should focus on trying to hold the public accountable for their own health and eating habits. How will the public learn to change and make healthier choices if the government is enabling obesity and making the public pay for others health care? Congress should make and enforce food policies that restrict food companies from manufacturing unhealthy food for the public, food that mainly targets our children. We would reduce obesity and related health issues. Educate more on eating healthier.

We can only question why the government is generous when it comes to healthcare. The choice of food we eat is very important to our health. Obesity and diabetes are on the rise, it’s become a health epidemic around the world, especially in America. Our younger generation has type 2 diabetes. That is very serious What options do we really have at supermarkets that are not high in sugars or carbs and that are affordable to lower-income households? It’s amazing how cheap junk food is and how expensive it is to eat healthily.

Maybe we should reverse that and make healthy foods more affordable. Set better examples for the next generations to come. We need to act now and take responsibility for our health and better choices like exercise, eating healthier, and less junk food, and teaching healthier eating habits to our children. But we should also restrict food companies from distributing such unhealthy foods, especially ones that target our children. We should also revise what type of foods our schools are serving to our children. Investing in putting more gardens in colleges and universities.

Balko states “And if the government is paying for my anti-cholesterol medication, what incentive is there for me to put down the cheeseburger?” (p.397) Instead, politicians should engage in educating the public on healthier eating habits and encouraging parents to serve healthier meals, and promoting sales of fruits and vegetables and other foods in the pyramid. Less added sugar foods. A balanced diet can help lead to a healthier and happier life. It must be a community effort at home, schools, restaurants, amusement parks, and the government.

The government thinks controlling what we eat is enough to stop obesity, but that is going against our right to privacy. When they can use their authority and direct it towards food consumers and not be so quick to turn their attention away from doing what’s right, just because of a dollar amount donated from these consumers.

He states, “If policymakers want to fight obesity, they’ll stop the socialization of medicine, and return individual Americans’ owners of their own health and well-being back to individual Americans.” If more insurance companies are being prevented higher premiums for obese patients, it’s seems the government may have motives behind health care for the obese. Is profit more important to our country than our public’s health? The government and corporate agencies have an enormous influence over our food choices and the information the public receives.

The article Food Politics by Michele Simons2011 argues that “government agencies have often been more concerned with safeguarding corporate financial interests than protecting public health. The US Department of Agriculture, for example, is obliged to serve as a booster of the meat and dairy industries while also providing the public with sound nutrition guidelines – and a clear conflict of interest.”

We may never end obesity or related health issues, but what the government can do is educate the public on healthier eating habits and let obese people take responsibility for their health care and pay for their treatment and medications. It will make a difference and allow them to make better food choices and eat healthier.

It’s not just one group responsible for Americans, it’s a country; the government, consumers, schools, media, public healthcare, and everyone should take responsibility for themselves. We set a better example for our children and teach healthier habits and eat healthily. Otherwise, we are going to pay the consequences and lead our children to early graves as well as ourselves.


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