How Close You Are to Your Parents Essay Example

How Close You Are to Your Parents Essay Example

How Close You Are to Your Parents Essay Example

Have you ever had a problem and worried, about what would happen if I  told my parents? Do you feel that they might get so mad, worried, or create more of a problem?  This has surely happened to almost everyone, especially since we are still children growing up. As children,  we are getting used to the fact that we can’t just solve our problems by ignoring them.  As we grow older we tend to tell less to our parents and suppose we can l resolve the problem on our own, without the need of an adult.

Talking with your family members about a problem comes with a few steps, you should first find who you are going to tell the problem. It could be any trusted adult from a parent to a grandparent or even your teacher.  It is important to pick a time when the person you want to talk to has their full attention.  A good time to pick to talk to your parents is before or after school.

Lastly, be honest because if you don’t tell the truth to your family members and teachers then they will think that you are always lying to them. Some reasons why parents should be involved in our lives are because, one,  they just want to be able to help you and be there for you, two, it is important to have a healthy relationship with your parents, and three, if you ignore the problem and not allow your parents to help, it might impact you.

No matter what the problem is your parents just want to help you be the best person you can be, whether it’s in school, sports, or any other activities,  they always want to be by your side. You should never ignore your parents because they care about you so much and they never want to see anything terrible happen to you. Many kids our age get super stressed with school and other activities, and they don’t feel like talking about their problems with their parents.

This is a major problem for kids because you always need a little help in your life, you can’t solve everything on your own if you are just a child growing up and if you don’t tell your parents your problems then you will become very isolated.  If your parents seem concerned about what you just told them don’t be worried because it just means they care about what you are going through and they just want to help you.  Your parents won’t be upset with you if you tell them your problem but they will be disappointed in you for not reaching out to them for them to help you. They might think you don’t trust them.

Besides, for most people, it is considered important that they have a healthy relationship with their parents and are close to them. If you have a healthy relationship with your parents, s your parents will trust you more It’s important to have a healthy relationship with your parents because it might become easier to talk to them about a problem or situation that you need help with.

Since your relationship is so strong, easily talk to them and reach out to them. I, myself have a good relationship with my parents,  I always tell my parents what happens in my life because afterward,  we can build trust between each other and I can do more independent activities, such as hanging out with my friends. However, if you don’t tell your parents what happens in your life, it might impact you and your parents.  This can cause your parents not to trust you as much as they would if you would just tell them your thoughts.

For example, if you had difficulties with a rule that your parents set out such as a time you need to come back home or not being allowed to go to a sleepover and you didn’t discuss it with them then they would be unsure that there were any issues. Open communication is always helpful because you can discuss a compromise that both people can agree on. Keep in mind that not all conversations will go exactly as planned. There will be difficult times when not all talks will be the type of reaction you were hoping for.

Don’t get stressed out or discouraged.  Some conversations need to be had several times and take time to get everyone on the same page.  Also if you don’t feel comfortable with the response or if you feel like you can’t approach the person again feel free to talk to the other parent or trusted person in your life.  Sometimes it’s important to involve more than one person in the conversation to see all sides of the story.

In conclusion, we should remember to tell our parents more because it builds trust and it’s easier to tell our parents what happens in our lives when things are not going so well.

All of our parents want the best for us. They’re here to support us in times of need. parents can help you find a positive solution to solve the problem they’re not going to make it worse but make it better. next time you have a problem by talking it out with your parents. choose a quiet and appropriate time to talk and don’t do it over the phone or text but do it in person so it’s more real and meaningful. and remember communication is the key to a healthy loving relationship between us and our parents!!


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