Gun Control Essay Example 2

Gun Control Essay Example 2

In my research paper my topic is on Gun Control in the United States of America the background into why people want the state to have a “Gun Control” law the effects it has caused the United States, since it is still a debating topic. After the history I went into deal about the Civil Right how it connects to the Bill of Rights creating the Second Amendment rules and violations that are carried into having freedom to have a gun/firearm. Not only that but about the acts and cases that they are dealing with for Gun Control in the United States. Lastly, I mentioned how the special interest groups play a big role in Gun Control, and rely on the people to cause change. The requirements that are needed to know or have to be in an interest group. The special interest groups make sure that they’re not violating the Second Amendment even though there are some things that are considered as gun violence.?During 1791, in the constitution of the United States in the ten amendments they put a bill of rights which is called “the right to keep and bear arms”. Then in 1934 they passed a gun control legislation. It is “The National Firearm Act” which taxes businesses that sell guns or have to do with any firearms and those that register for a gun need to have a federal firearms license just like the companies that manufacture the items in order to buy them. Unfortunately, important people that were making a change in the United States were associated with guns for example President John F. Kennedy and others. This caused The Federal Firearms Act to get replaced in 1968 which did not allow firearms to get imported if they were not sport material type and guns were required to have a serial number installed in order to buy it. Not only that but from ages 21 and up are only allowed to purchase certain types of guns. Then in the year of 1968 the congressed passed “Firearm Owners Protection Act” this law was to protect the gun owners from being able to sell firearms at gun shows. Also helped them by not letting (ATF) forces in inspecting their business background of firearms. Later on, there was another bill named “The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention” which in memory of a secretary who worked in the white house saved Reagan’s life when they tried to assassinate him. This act was assigned to do background checks on people to see if they had a clean record and were responsible enough in being able to own a firearm/gun in order to purchase a gun. The FBI then supported the “National Instant Criminal Background Check System”. When Clinton became president in 1994, he established the “Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act” to ban assault weapons unless it was under the Federal Law. It also did not allow high quality firearms that the military possess to get manufactured in any type of business that sells firearms or weapons.Afterwards in 2003, Todd Tiahrt presented “The Tiahrt Amendment” that forbids the (ATF) program from letting citizens out in the open know where or what organizations delinquents buy their firearms. The only individuals that have the accused to that sort of information are law enforcement officers and attorneys. President George Bush signed the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms” bill in 2005. To shut down gun companies from using federal and state names, in civil cases when a victim who got injured in a crime that dealt with a gun made by that manufacture company. This was to prevent the dealers/companies from getting harmed by the law into getting sued against the victim who got hurt by the gun that was used in the crime or any other crimes that used guns for criminals acts committed like assault, assaults, and stealing etc.. and for those who have a mental illness. Lastly, in 2008 a man named Heller was going against the District of Columbia to change the second amendment into citizens having the right for self-defense in having a handgun for protection without needing to be in service of the military. He believed it was necessary to have this changed because just in case of an emergency were to happen in a safe place there can still be some lunatic people that can hurt civilians, his example was a school shooting. Another thing added to that was that important places like schools, government buildings and other sympathetic places like that do not authorize, guns and other firearms. Gun control has still not become a law because the federal policy law is not able to fund gun control acts.  Civil Rights plays a big role in Gun Control, due to the fact that civil rights check to ensure that the citizenships rights in the Amendments are ensured to the people of the United States of America. Which is also shielded by the government as well, who are not allowed to discriminate against people in any type of ways regardless of their race, gender, and belief. They have to treat everyone one fair in any way as possible especially when it comes to the laws. The government is not able to reject the citizens based on their appearance. That being said there are rules that the citizens have to follow in civil liberties and the governments limited in power. Since the Civil Rights deals with the amendments, Gun Control is full in this category. In December 1791 the Bill of Rights (giving citizens the right to the 1st-10th amendment and protection by the government) gave formal consent to form the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment clearly states that we the people of the United States of America are allowed to have guns. This Amendment fully says “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” They made this amendment because back in the days when the Revolutionary War was going on. The military people were men protecting their communities’ later states after the United States of America got its independence from Great Britain. This caused the people living in the United States of America to anticipate that their own government was setting them up using soldiers in treating the people cruelly. The citizens believed the federal government should only be able to uplift and pay soldiers to be in the army, when going into combat with any foreign country. For regular citizens to use their own firearms to use as a weapon to use when in war to protect your country. The constitutional convention let the new federal government get some more power to establish a standing army, even when there is no war going on. Standing army is a full-time job as soldiers just in case our country gets secretly attacked. This scared the Anti-Federalists into thinking that congress’ ability to exploit their powers of forming the Militia would provide sufficient arm force.  The U.S. The Constitution gives formal consent to the James Madison proposal that deals with the second amendment. It set the principle that the government did not give the right to disarm the civilians. This led to a debate of what actually is the second amendment rights of personal individuals “To keep and bear arms” either to protect allied rights that only militia units should be able to use in certain occasions. “Well-regulated Militia” proclaim that the second amendment should only let special arranged groups like the military, and national guard be given the right “to keep and bear arms”. Those that grant into letting any citizen the right to have firearms to keep them self-protect support “The National Rifle Association” which has been a strongest campaign for those that are against gun control. Congress passed the bill “Bradly, Bill” with federal gun control because the attempt of assassination of president Reagan, Bill who was a secretary was the one who saved Reagan’s life. The Supreme Court made “Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act” which commands background checks on guns or any firearm that licensed suppliers would sell.  In 1886 the court supported the Second Amendment in the Presser v. Illinois case which only appealed to the federal government and did not formally forbid state governments from controlling an individual’s use of using a gun. The Supreme Court later increased the Second Amendment immunity to individual rights in personal gun ownership for self-defense just in case something dangerous happened. Two years after the Supreme Court shut down handgun ban in “McDonald vs Chicago” saying that the Second Amendment was a state government problem not just federal government.  (Justice Samuel Alito, 2017) said in website history that: “Self-defense is a basic right, recognized by many legal systems from ancient times to the present day, and in Heller, we held that individual self-defense is ”the central component “ of the Second Amendment right.” The Heller vs. Donald case caused the Supreme Court to limit ruling in the gun control debate. The court recommended a record “presumptively lawful” on banding to own a firearm to people that are mentally ill and to any felon that’s been arrested before in a crime. Not only that but banding citizens for carrying guns/ weapons around places where the public is around. As well as limiting companies that sell high quality types of guns by honorable people permitted by the law’s consideration. Verdicts battle in court over the debate on Second Amendment rights and gun control since these cases are still open. Tremendous amounts of shooting has become an extreme occurrence going on in the United States history of life. In 2012 when Obama was President there was a school shooting that took place in Newtown Connecticut, at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Unfortunately, there were 18 lower grade students that died and 2 adults that were killed all by powerful guns. President Obama took action after this massacre and requested to do background checks and re-established to veto assault weapons. The biggest shooting in U.S history was in 2017 in Las Vegas during a country musical festival a gunman named Stephen Paddock fired open shots at 58 people and injured 422 people. After this event they put a limit sale of “bump fire,” extension that legalize semiautomatic weapons to eject quicker shots from selling. Gun Control rates that the “The National Rifle Association of America” and further gun rights supporters that have a powerful speaking group that viewers contemplate that it is intolerable violation for their right in the Second Amendment. Till this day they have gun control on a pause dealt with the Second Amendment. Special Interest Group (S.I.G) is an organization of people who share a familiar political ambition and unite for a reason for shaping public strategy decisions. A majority of political scientists suspect that every interest group is against the board public interest. It is an important part of democracy. Making sure that the sight of corporation interest is overheard in governing a series of actions. Interest groups are absolutely necessary pieces of the “who” in our system of local government to see who gets what and how much. Interest groups play an intermates role in “pluralist” speculation of democracy. They bicker that democracy is increased when residents’ interests are entitled between a community group. The group’s relationship guarantees that society’s interests are expressed but their powers are limited making sure no group turns out to be too powerful and an activity the federal government grows.In 1871 “The National Rifle Association of America ” known as (NRA) was founded and ruling on gun rights institutions in the United States of America. It is a special interest group of governing bodies that’s hobbies deal with shooting with rifles, guns, anything that has a pistol inside it. Around five million members are hunters, policies, gun collectors, gun sellers and target shooters and other people who are highly interested in guns or firearms. “The National Rifle Association of America” was successful in producing political lobbying and campaigning in opposition to nearly any legislative program for gun control and firearms. It frequently set apart such as violating the second amendment and the United States Constitution with a grave threat towards individuals’ state of freedom, keeping its viewpoint regardless of the massacres shooting all over the country which rates were growing tremendously. For example, one day at a gay night club inside Pulse a man named Omar Mateen who was 29 years of aged killed 49 people and left other injured the shooting that took place in Orlando, Florida. A second example is Sandy Hook school shooting Adam Lanza who was 20 years old and his mother were wearing black coats with military vest on open fire using powerful firearms at an elementary school shooting at 20 lower grade students and 6 teachers. Then in 2018 in Parkland, Florida a gunman named Nick Cruz who was expelled from Douglas High School, went back to school Nick who was 19 years old used high military guns AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle to shoot at random classmates and staff members killing 17 people in total when this happen a youtuber had warned the FBI that one day he saw a comment in  his video from a username named “Nick said  “ One day I’m going to become a professional school shooter”. In conclusion the (NRA) usually refuses to publish public announcements that have to do with bloodbath that perform guns or any firearm they stated that gun control would not have stopped the brutality that massacres could’ve put a stop to, or mollify the amount if there were more onlookers and if those people who were injured were to carry guns so they can defend themselves or mediate the problem that is occurring in the event. That an event causing great suffering, has consequences for ruining their freedom by the Second Amendment. “Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” indicates that people who own gun or are around guns increase the likelihood in committing a murder. Congressed was strongly lobbied by the (NRA) so they can distribute the (CDC) financial plan, to study gun brutality to adopt “Dickey amendment,” law. This puts a stop to “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” from being able to use research funds and invest to endorse gun control. This amendment successfully prohibited “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” from using funds to research gun violence to society. Gun Control is not a permanent law because the State does not let the federal government fund anything that has to deal with gun control; it is still in debate.Barbour, C., & Wright, G. C. (2020). Keeping the republic: Power and citizenship in American politics. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.  Britannica, T. E. (n.d.). National Rifle Association of America. Retrieved July 22, 2019, from Editors, H. (2017, December 04). Second Amendment. Retrieved July 22, 2019, from, S. (2018, February 22). A Timeline of Gun Control Laws in The U.S. Retrieved July 22, 2019, from Terrorist gunman attacks Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. (2018, June 25). Retrieved July 22, 2019, from US School Violence Fast Facts. (2019, May 14). Retrieved July 22, 2019, from


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