A 1000 words argumentative essay about social media

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argumentative essay on social media


A 1000 words argumentative essay about social media.



Today, our world is full of a lot of opinionated people. Everyone loves to share what they think about almost any topic. Whether the topic is very important or completely irrelevant. Although everyone has opinions on things that are ‌unimportant, some topics are worth discussing our opinions on. One of which most definitely has some of the most diverse opinions is social media. 

Many people think ‌social media is distracting, negative, and harmful, while others think it is one of the best things that has ever happened and are addicted to it. Some people love to scroll through Instagram or talk to people on Snapchat; However, they still think that the majority of the time, social media is much more harmful than helpful. While Social media can provide a place to catch up with friends and things going on in the world, it also has the ability to completely tear lives apart and, in some cases, lead to depression or anxiety. 

People with social media should limit their time on these apps or even, sometimes, delete the apps altogether because of the negative effects and all the drama. 

In contrast to what some people think, Social media is far more harmful than helpful. There are many reasons ‌social media is harmful, ‌there is entirely too much drama and false information that spreads quickly all over social media apps.

Because of this, a lot of people are substantially more unhappy with themselves and with their lives. Sometimes, social media is even likely to encourage people to do things they should not do and will regret later on in their lives. 

One example of this could be whenever somebody is bullying someone through Instagram, and the pressure of being like everyone else could ‌make someone go along with it just because everyone else is doing it. 

Although many people claim they would bully no one, it is surprising how quickly social media can change a person and cause them to do things they wouldn’t expect to ever do.

In the article “Social media websites can harm and help kids” Nanci Hellmich states that “Facebook and other social media websites can enrich children’s lives, but they could also be hazardous to their mental and physical health” (Hellmich). 

This statement is completely agreeable because at first social media can be fun, but eventually, it can become addictive and affect people negatively without them even realizing it. In quite a few instances, social media gets so awful to ‌where people should delete it, however, it can be remarkably addicting, so people want to stay on it just to continue to see the drama and negative things happening instead of simply deleting the apps.

Not only does social media cause unhappiness and even depression sometimes, but it can also be extremely distracting. For many people, social media is the most distracting out of everything in their lives. Not only does it prevent several important things, like doing chores or homework, but it can also even prevent spending time with friends and family, or even getting enough sleep at night. 

To start out, being on social media is mostly fun, however, the more time spent on it, the more it takes over a tremendous part of people’s lives. One example of this being a distraction is stated in the article “Social Networking: Helpful or Harmful”, “A lot of my friends and I spend a lot of time on Facebook, and it is often a big distraction from our work.” (Winkler), This is one of the various instances of somebody being distracted by and affected negatively by social media apps. This shows that social media being distracting is a problem many people with the apps face. 

Social media is quite a controversial topic in the world today. Some people believe it truly has a negative impact on the world, while others may argue that social media is very entertaining and allows an opportunity to maintain connections with friends and family. Reports even say these sites and other technology can be useful to kids for staying in touch, socializing, entertainment, and even doing homework and that they can enhance kids’ creativity and help them develop technical skills (Hellmich).

Although technology can be useful in some ways like for homework, it is more common that people will become distracted and end up on some other app while trying to do homework, which can lead to too much time spent online can squeeze out other important activities (Hellmich).


In conclusion, people with social media who believe that it is good for them should look around and see all the various other ways it negatively affects others. Maybe if people who think social media is good and are not addicted to it ‌encourage others to limit their time on the apps, our world today could become somewhat better with the relief of a little fewer negative effects caused by social media. With social media being as big of a deal as it is in our society, ‌it is probably not going to ‌end. 

Although this will not happen, our society can prevent things like bullying and drama caused by social media by limiting our time on apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. 

Works cited

Hellmich, Nanci. “Social Media Websites Can Help and Harm Kids.” USA Today 

28 March 2011, pg. 1.

Winkler, Travis. “Social Networking: Helpful or Harmful.” The Daily 

Pennsylvania, 17 March 2009, pg. 2.


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What’s an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that takes a stance on a topic.

The key elements of a good argumentative essay are investigating a topic, gathering, generating, and evaluating the evidence, establishing a stance on the topic, and writing in a format that is understandable to the reader.

Even if the topic is controversial, you might not want to take a firm stance for or against it.

It is helpful to have arguments that have a new point of view and are a chance to appreciate your writing skills.

How do you start an argumentative essay topic?

Suggestions for developing an argumentative essay:

  1. Pick a topic that interests, puzzles, or appeals to you and the reader.
  2. The position that you take on the topic will help you create a thesis statement.
  3. Consider your audience
  4. Your presentation should be clear with convincing evidence.
  5. Write your essay
  6. Edit and check for plagiarism.


Here is the Structure of How to Write an Argumentative Essay.


What we should avoid in argument writing?

Here are five things you should avoid when drafting your argumentative essay:

  1. Skipping the outline
  2. Not doing enough research on your topic
  3. Unclear thesis statement
  4. Not support your arguments
  5. Uncoordinated conclusion


Argumentative Essay Topics about Social Media


Here are 30+ argumentative essay topics about social media:


Check Out this free sample of Argumentative about Social Media


The best argumentative essay topics on social media

  1. Can social media create true human connections?
  2. Are business adverts on social media effective?
  3. Between Twitter and Facebook, which one creates a better platform for a business advert?
  4. Should social media be restricted to children below 18 years?
  5. Is social media leading to more cyberbullying?
  6. Has social media killed our privacy?
  7. Is social media killing true value in human relationships?
  8. Can continued use of social media lead to social loneliness?
  9. Social media has led to unrealistic life expectations that often lead to depression?
  10. Are more girls being prone to cyberbullying through social media compared to boys?
  11. What are some of the negative habits you have developed because of social media usage?
  12. Should founders of social platforms be liable for danger caused by their platforms?
  13. Which one is better, face-to-face communication or virtual communication?
  14. Is there a difference between life portrayed on Instagram and real life?
  15. Should we share private information on social media?
  16. Do real-life Family-based shows on social media cause more harm than good?
  17. What are the effects of social media on the life of teenagers?
  18. Is there any value in the number of likes one gets on social media?
  19. Should social media users pay any fees to get more likes and views?
  20. Should physical beauty be determined by the number of like one gets on Instagram?
  21. Do social media manipulate people’s feelings by what they choose to show on their site?
  22. Personal relationships are becoming fragile because of social networking
  23. Is social media affecting learning in schools?
  24. Should social media platforms be used to propagate political agendas?
  25. Personal relationships are becoming fragile because of social networking
  26. Is social media affecting learning in schools?
  27. Should social media platforms be used to propagate political agendas? 
  28. Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics
  29. Has social media reduced the rate of job productivity in a company?
  30. Has social media created more social problems or a social solution?
  31. Are more people becoming social media addicts?
  32. Is social media creating more problems in families?


Controversial argumentative essay topics about social media.

  1. Which is better, the world before social media or the world after social media?
  2. What are the effects of social on dating life?
  3. Should children be allowed to join social media?
  4. What is the right age to allow a child to join any social media platform?
  5. The influence of social media on adolescence
  6. Has social media influenced the teaching process?
  7. Is social media a source of unhappiness in young people?
  8. What impact has Social Media played in influencing consumer spending behavior?
  9. Does social media promote democracy?
  10. Short Argumentative Essay About Social media
  11.  What role does social media play in managing disasters?
  12. Can humanity remain the same without social media?
  13. Has social media increased the spread of fake news?
  14. Twitter: an ideal place to get trending ideas on many things
  15. Social media is assisting many people to overcome depression
  16. The impact of social networks on society
  17. Social networks make people more vulnerable to cyber attacks
  18. A social network is a barrier to cybersecurity
  19. The dangers of social networks are almost insignificant
  20. Instagram entertains people better than Facebook
  21. There is no possibility that another technological invention will replace social media
  22. How does social media influence children?
  23. Social media in the workplace: to what extent should it be tolerated?
  24. How safe is it to make new friends on social media?
  25. Social media distracts students from their studies
  26. Social networks promote laziness among teens
  27. Social media promotes violence in society
  28. The rate of defrauding increased after social media got invented
  29. Social networks help people in having a healthy mental health
  30. Social media promotes healthy lifestyles among teenagers
  31. Social media connects students for information sharing
  32. Social media kills loneliness and depression among teenagers
  33. Teenagers deserve unrestricted access to social networks
  34. Social networks promote widespread rumors and false information
  35. Social networks require censoring
  36. Social media promotes indecent dressings among young people
  37. Social media is full of dubious users
  38. Social media discourages hard work


Good argumentative essay topics about social media. 

  1. Teenagers get inspiration from social networks
  2. Life is meaningless without social networks
  3. How social networks are developing the minds of children
  4. Parents should not discourage their children from using social media
  5. Are the life expectations on social media too high to be met?
  6. Has social media improved the quality of life?
  7. What role does social media play in eliminating social injustices?

Easy argumentative essay topics about social media.

  1. Is social media misleading and very unimportant to one’s personal development?
  2. Are social paths seeking unwanted attention on social media?
  3. Is social media promoting false images of how everything should be in a perfect world?
  4. What impact is social media having on social security for teenage girls and boys?
  5. Are there any possibilities to evade social media usage in the current modern world?
  6. Does social media help you or it only wastes your time
  7. Do you ever worry about the negative impacts of social media on our youth?
  8. Virtual communication vs. face-to-face communication
  9. Facebook–the perfect place to promote your business and yourself
  10. Facebook is better than Twitter with news updates
  11. Facebook and the ways it promotes excellent academic performance
  12. The effects of Instagram on young adults
  13. What kind of personal details can be posted safely on the social account?
  14. Any media file saved in social networks is not private
  15. False media images and their effects on media users
  16. Interpersonal relationships are becoming weaker because of social networking
  17. Advantages and disadvantages of schools opening to social media
  18. Using social media for political ambitions
  19. Students make money by sharing videos on social networks
  20. Should their parents limit the social interactions of children?
  21. Is social networks a boon or bane for our society?
  22. The liberal bias of social networks: analysis of the problem
  23. What roles can social media play in business communication?
  24. How does social media influence children?
  25. Social media in the workplace: to what extent should it be tolerated?
  26. How safe is it to make new friends on social media?
  27. Social media distracts students from their studies
  28. Social networks promote laziness among teens
  29. Is social causing an increase in statistics on cases of teen suicide?
  30. Can continued usage of social media lead to child obesity?
  31. Could social media be depriving parents of enough interaction time with their kids?
  32. Is social media usage likely to go down by the year 2030?

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