Famous Brand Louis Vuitton

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Famous Brand Louis Vuitton

Famous Brand Louis Vuitton


How does an exclusive brand such as Louis Vuitton grow and stay fresh while retaining its cachet?

Louis Vuitton’s brand has continued growing and staying fresh while retaining its cachet due to increasing its emotional branding, sensuality, associated mystery, and intimacy with its customers. It can increase storytelling and brand narratives due to its service differentiation in its store sand. It will continue growing because it has opened several shops in the world.

Paris shop was the first to be opened in 1854 and they are aiming to open several outlets in China, Japan and other European countries. Louis Vuitton also made internet her first priority to advertise its brand, after they created their website and started posting blogs about their product; they received millions of emails from different continents.

Internet has worked as one of the key factors why the LV Company has grown at a high percentage; they sell their products online and provide free shipping which made their product saturate the entire world hence advertising itself and the company. Luxury sector was another key figure that LV is using to grow and continue staying fresh; this is because they educate new clients and reinforce their position in emerging markets (Kapferer & Bastien, 2012). This luxurious advertisement introduced Louis Vuitton to a new chapter of extension products categories to virtual products beyond physical products; this was done by the launching of the soundwalk.

The brand grows every day because of its art; Louis Vuitton products are made in a special way where their designers use a combination of art to produce the best products. The signature which was introduced in 1854 by Louis Vuitton markets their products globally since most of the companies use his signature on their products (Okonkwo, 2010).

The introduction of their magazines and advertisement wall papers which have been pinned in many offices, hotels and places where workers always take their meal have acted one of the main style of advertising their products. The use of LV products with top celebrities like Madonna has made their goods popular and everyone want to get the exact product so that they can look similar like that of their celebrity (Jimenez $ Kolsun 2014).

The LV’s big achievement is the launching of their television which only focuses on fashion and luxurious traveling. They use television to broadcast and market their new brands.

Is the counterfeiting of Louis Vuitton always a negative? Are there any circumstances where it can be seen as having some positive aspects?

Counterfeiting Louis Vuitton products do not have a negative impact. This increases the brand’s exciting branding and it appeals to consumer’s empathy. If Louis Vuitton sales and marketing is not interfered with its target market then counterfeiting increases their sensuality, intimacy and mystery of the brand. Nevertheless counterfeiting is a crime and those who may be caught selling these bags in an awful manner should be punished in full extent as criminals involving in human trafficking and drug trade.

Counterfeiting can be a benchmark of brand’s health making it popular and being known to a new market thus becoming the latest fashion. Those people who don’t buy new bugs but purchases fake money means they can’t afford original products always got a second thought and feeling that one day they will buy the original product.

Take an example where these original products have not reached a particular place and the fake ones are the only goods being sold in the market. That means that they are just advertising the product in that region and helps people to know that Louis Vuitton company exits, and when the original products arrives then people will scramble buying them (Tungate, 2012).

Counterfeiting only shows how the product is so strong and how good it is, this is because only the best quality product is faked. The consumer is able to differentiate between the original brand and the fake one so it is up to them to decision which to purchase. Louis Vuitton can’t say that counterfeiting is damaging their brand because brands for example Nike is the most commonly counterfeiting but what surprises majority is the brand has increased in a high percentage (Wiedmann, 2013).

Louis Vuitton opened its first shop in 1894 in Russia so if counterfeiting is damaging the brand, then the company could have collapsed a long time ago due to losses and lack of market but the company is growing and staying fresh retaining its casket thus implying that counterfeiting only got a positive impact but not a negative one

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