Example Essay on Father as My Biggest Influencer

Example Essay on Father as My Biggest Influencer

Example Essay on Father as My Biggest Influencer

Without a doubt, every Saturday morning, I would wake up and I would not only be hearing nature but to also be hearing a barbershop quartet. There was always one distinct voice that I was always able to hear. It was my father’s voice that I was hearing. My father is an average size male with salt and pepper hair that always looked tired but no matter what, he was always in a polo shirt and jeans, and without a doubt, I could tell you that it was either blue or yellow.

It didn’t matter what part or arrangement he was singing; I could always hear his voice. That was one of many distinct things of my father. There was a distinct smell of the cracked brown leather chair that is next to his oversized desk, where I would go and sit at random times to just be around my dad. The size of the office is much too small for the rest of the furniture in his office. The most influential conversations have happened in the brown oversized chair that sits in the very corner of his office. I can remember vividly certain conversations that happened in that brown chair.

They could be about anything, but no matter the topic, there was always a lesson to be had. My siblings and I always joke about the way he sounded when he would talk to us all because he has a Boston accent, and when we would get in trouble his accent would become stronger; consequently, it only got us in more trouble for not taking him seriously.

Besides, when he would get upset at my siblings and I, his accent would become very apparent, especially when he reminisces about his life stories and memories. When he and I would sit in his office, he would tell me about what I needed to do to become successful. He would tell me what he did as a kid and when he was in school. He would focus a lot on the programs he was in. We have a running joke in the family about all his stories about school. “When I was a kid” or “You know, when I was your age” is his famous words.

You can almost guarantee that is what his stories will start with. When I told him that I wanted to major in something to do with the medical field, he got so excited. My dad has worked so hard to get where he is today, not only with his family but in his career. He paid his way through college and medical school by himself.

Growing up, I always saw my dad working. As a young child, there were maybe one or two nights a week when he would be home to have dinner with us because of how hard he was working to support my family. He shows us that family comes first and that’s that. Ever since I was little, he has taught me that I must work for what I have, and it doesn’t come easy or in a blink of an eye. He always made me dig deeper into a problem.

The problem could be anything from a small fight with a sibling or something large with relationships or my life but, no matter what, he made sure that it was resolved and that no one in the house went to bed angry. My dad and I used to go on a little date after his quartet on Saturdays. We would go grocery shopping together and I would get to pick the sugary cereal for the week. After we went shopping, we used to go to Sweet Tomatoes before they closed. We would sit in the same booth every time.

The red leather was cracked on just one side of the booth so my dad would sit there. This was the time when he and I would talk about his work. It was almost as if it was a business meeting. He would tell me something and I would give him some feedback. If there was one trait that he influenced me the most, it was listening. He taught me the importance of listening to someone because sometimes all they need is someone to listen to them. Alongside listening, he also taught me patience.

He would always tell me when I was being impatient with someone, “Chances are, you were in that boat too. Give them a break.” That to this day has stuck with me. I can remember him telling me that in our kitchen. We would be sitting at the table, helping my mom with the meal prep for the week, and I would start to get impatient with a sibling not doing something right, but my dad reminded me to be patient every week. My dad is probably the most patient person I know.

He’s always been someone to just sit and listen to you. He never makes me feel judged when I talk to him. I go to him with just about anything. I think that’s why he’s so good with his job. My father is an obstetrician/gynecologist. He understands women for the most part. There are some things that he just can’t understand about women, but he truly tries. He will sit with a patient and console them if they’re upset or he will be there to help them celebrate if that’s what they need.

He always puts everyone else’s needs first. I like to say that I get that from him. There are times for us to be selfish, but he taught me that I must think of others and what I can do for them and how I can best help them, but to also take time to myself when I need to.

On Sundays, I would wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs. My dad’s eggs were always amazing, especially since he makes them just right, a little soft but full of delicious vegetables. The more vivid smell that I remember is the smell of burnt toast. For some reason, my father likes his toast darker than dirt. It was not only his toast that he liked to be “dark” as he called it, but he also likes his meat well done and tough, like shoe leather. It was always a big controversy in the house, mostly because when he would make us grilled cheese for lunch they were always burnt.

Nobody quite understands why he does this, but we just kind of go went with it. He would make my siblings and me a different variety of grilled cheese with different cheese. Some would have cheddar, some had swiss, and some had American cheese. He would cut them in fours and then place a variety of sandwiches on one platter and the rest on another and then place them on the table. He was not a gourmet chef when it came to lunch, but I can promise you, that he makes the best leftover casserole I have ever had in my life.

Somehow, he can make all the leftovers in the fridge into a casserole and it could be the best casserole he has ever made. Nobody knows how he does this, and I’m not sure that he really knows. Cooking isn’t a trait that I have learned from him, but something he did influence in me was the will to go with the wind. This means, that he just goes with the flow and is flexible and open to trying new things. He is never scared to try a new thing. I know this because, when he comes across something new, he just dives right into it and he’ll try it out.

My father is an incredibly generous man. He is always by my side when I need him to be, whether it is when I am scared and feeling lonely, or excited and happy about something. He has given up and sacrificed so much for my family. He moved his whole life from Boston to Chicago to be with my mom. He has given me everything I need in life to make me as successful as I can be. Not only that, but he’s given me everything I need to be the best version of myself.

By sitting with me and talking with me and showing me how much he loves and cares for my family. Through everything that I have learned from my dad, the biggest trait that he influenced me is love. He taught me to love everyone equally and as much as I can. He taught me that hate can be an unfair and strong feeling. Love is something that he always has shown towards my family and those around us.

He taught me that anger isn’t hated and that being angry is okay if it’s controlled and understood. You can’t be angry with someone and not know or understand why you are. He taught me the best way to deal with anger and hatred is to take some time to myself to process why I’m angry and then go back to the situation or the person and talk it out. There are no buts or ifs with him because everything is as it is. My father is a good, loving, hardworking, man in my life and I couldn’t think of a better person who has influenced me and has me shaped me into who I am today.


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