History of Bespoke Tailoring Essay Example | 400 Words

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History of Bespoke Tailoring Essay

History of Bespoke Tailoring Essay Example

Have you ever wondered if having your clothes custom-made was better than making your clothes factory? Before the American Civil War, apparel existed, and its variety was extremely limited. The uniforms were only available in predetermined sizes. Since apparel was very limited, most items of clothing were made by tailors or family members at home. It was hard to find a way to get custom-made Clothing until manufacturers started to build factories. Still, sometimes factories did not have a perfectly fitted size.

To begin with, tailoring has been around for centuries and has helped us feel comfortable in our Clothing. Tailoring takes a lot of skill and time to master the perfect pattern. Back then, “Polynesians spent hours beating plant fibers and tree bark into tapa cloth” to get the fabric. According to (source two paragraphs five), “By the 17th century, crafting and tailoring of Western Clothing required more and more skill as designs became more complex.

Intricate scenes of animals or flowers were embroidered by hand.” tailors were paid a good amount of money for all their hard work. Also, Tailors would have to travel from far to just fit Clothing for their customers. It was hard for some customers to pay because Clothing was still not seen as replaceable or disposable. Eventually, ready-made Clothing would be available, but later on, it became affordable.

In 18th-century French fashion, garments were works of art. “they took days and dozens of hands to complete, with each person contributing hours of specialized skill.” The material came from miles away, and the silk they used came from different countries. Eventually, later political and social movements led to much restrained and much more practical Clothing. In the final analysis, as we know, tailoring has been around for centuries and has helped us.

Now in the 21st century, we have advanced computer technology that creates Clothing from a 3-D printing machine, you’re probably wondering how this works according to (source three paragraph eight) “using nylon and a 3-D printer to print out each order to a customer’s body shape and measurements.” it can create the perfect size clothing. Thanks to tailoring, we have slim and comfortable Clothing.



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