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Frank Lloyd Wright House Essay

Frank Lloyd Wright House Essay Example

While watching the short film about the houses built by Frank Lloyd Wright, his life story caught my attention. Wright’s social life interacted with his work life and how they both affected each other, causing specific outcomes to play into effect. For example, when he started a family with his first wife, he ran away with Mamah Cheney, one of Wright’s clients.

After leaving his family and running off with his new love, they settled in his hometown in the state of Wisconsin (which would lead to designing buildings later on with new unique designs in Wisconsin). They built a beautiful house that fits in with the landscape surrounding it. Wright was building his new house and a new family while working from Wisconsin and his office for clients in Chicago. While in Chicago, though, Wright got the news that his family had been murdered by a servant of the Wisconsin estate, and the house was burnt to the ground.

A Grieving Wright then moved to Los Angeles, where many people thought, he would try to take the murder of his family off his mind and grieve with a more extensive clientele and more opportunism to continue his work. Frank Lloyd Wright never wanted to work with the regular day styles when he built homes. He always wanted to take the other direction for a new design, such as the concrete houses he built in Los Angeles.

They had Mayan structures surrounding the house, and many people said the houses should hold a Mayan god rather than a Los Angeles family. After learning how to build these unique styles of homes, Wright returned to his hometown and made a peculiar warehouse in the state of Wisconsin with these same concrete Mayan-like designs, which was odd for a farm town in Wisconsin where this building was located. Still, it showed that Frank Lloyd Wright never wanted to be in the normal category; he wanted his own version of normal by building and creating his own new styles.

Although some people believed that his houses in Los Angeles were designed and constructed out of his emotions in the interior part of the house. Some said the inside was a sad, gloomy place because they felt he built the house out of the depression of the murder of his family, and at the time, his designs linked with his emotions which, if done the right way, could in the right state of mind have very much satisfied the people who were living there at the time.

If I had the option to live in one of Wrights’s Los Angeles homes, I would probably say no to the offer because of the home’s interior. In my opinion, it is very unique inside, and it would be amazing to be able to tour it, but to live in it would not be for me. It’s such a simple yet complex interior with the simple material of concrete.

Yet, the concrete has such unique details added to every inch of the house to the point where I feel I would be overwhelmed to live there full time, and because I feel like the house would have to be filled with items that matched the rest of the house, which would mean no family photos, specific furniture and much more, because I feel like if it weren’t to go with the flow of the house, it would throw everything off.

That would be the biggest reason I would say no to living in one of those houses because I simply just wouldn’t feel like I were at home. I learned from this short video about how the outcomes of Frank Lloyd Wrights’s life affected what he did in his work in a way and where he took his career because of the constant change in his life outside of work. The filmmakers did a great job telling meaningful chunks of his life that affected his work. Doing that made the film very interesting, getting a detailed background of his life along with some of the essential work pieces he created.

I think the filmmakers specifically avoided what happened to the family he left behind when Wright ran off with Mamah Cheney. Why did they only talk about the lady that, in a way, took Wright away from his wife and children? What I took away from this film and enjoyed the most was how Wright was always trying to build his own new design or take a plan from one area and bring it somewhere new where that design would be considered odd or out of place.

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