Forbes: The Five Fundamentals of Employee Satisfaction Article Review | 430 Words

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Five Fundamentals of Employee Satisfaction Article Review

Forbes The Five Fundamentals of Employee Satisfaction Article Review

In this article by Forbes, the main point of discussion are the five pillars or fundamentals of employee satisfaction. The five fundamentals of the article line up with the five core job characteristics of the Job Characteristics Model. This directly relates to our unit of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction and what can affect these factors. As well as how increasing satisfying factors does not decrease dissatisfaction and vice versa.

The first fundamental listed in the article is “What you do has to suit you” this is essentially saying that the job an employee has should match up with their values and what they personally find a deal in because not all employees are the same. The article also says that internal motivators are essential, which falls into what we learned about motivation and motivation theories. Internal motivators are intrinsic motivators. The employee will get motivation from the task itself if they enjoy doing it.

The second fundamental is “Why you do it matters, too.”. This fundamental focus is on the management perspective, which relates to our units on management and relationships within organizations. This fundamental puts an emphasis on communication and rewards. Stating that effective communication and tactful reward giving can increase an employee’s motivation and saying that the top-down approach can be good for strengthening relationships with employees.

The third fundamental listed in the article is “Who you work with makes a difference.” This small section outlines the importance of relationships within the organization and how employees interact with and treat each other. It also briefly touches on the recruitment process of companies and how important it is to consider the correct employees when hiring for a position and stresses the importance of background checks, similar to the 360-degree background check we discussed in class.

The fourth fundamental is “How success is measured sets the course.”. The  Feedback from the job and the autonomy characteristics are similar to this fundamental. The author also mentions  360-degree feedback. This is feedback from both managers and peers and is a beneficial tool for building confidence in an employee.

The final fundamental is “Growth brings gratification,” which outlines how to maximize employee growth. Similar to what we learned in this course, skill acquisition, informal learning, and career mapping are listed. Those points are identical to job enlargement, enrichment, and expansion. Those three methods are also used for employee growth. This article implies that by incorporating these five fundamentals into your corporation’s regular practices, you can optimize the amount of satisfaction that your employees feel.


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