Example Essay on Cancer | 520 Words

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Example Essay on Cancer

Example Essay on Cancer


To start this off, it would be almost impossible for a one-shot cure to cancer, but why isn’t there. According to World Wide Research, over 100 types of cancer would be tough to cure of them.

Ordinarily, one reason for not having so far is cancer research has just recently started. It’s impossible to cure all these complex diseases in just 40 years (science-based medicine). On the other hand, we have found some fixes to curtain cancer. Cancer changes our cells so that others don’t realize that the growth is even there. Which could lead to rapid cancer growth (LiveScience)? Unlike some diseases, cancer evolves so that it continues. Science-Based medicine says that to “cure” cancer, we must fix it cell by cell; nevertheless. It isn’t very likely.

Some cancers are so deadly that there has not been enough time to study them. Through all of this, with all the billions spent, why hasn’t cancer been cured. As I mentioned before, there are over one hundred types of cancer that afflict people.

Moreover, cancer is dangerous and numerous. Sometimes the cause can help cure cancer by knowing what to do against it. The most common types of cancer provided by Cancer.gov are Breast, Prostate, Basal Cell, Melanoma, Lung, and Leukemia. The deadliest cancer is Lung, Colon, and Breast cancer. Even with all these types, the rarest form is Ovarian cancer. An early form of this cancer has a survival rate of 92 percent, but if it has spread, the survival rate is lowered to 35. Another rare type of cancer is in or around the heart; its highest survival rate is 8%.

There are many ways to help get rid of cancer, but the best three are chemo, surgery, and radiation, according to cancer.org. Some other ways are hormone therapy and targeted. Stem cell transplants are also a solution. A great way of getting rid of cancer is immunotherapy. One “taboo” way that helps mitigate cancer is marijuana. Still, it’s usually used to help reduce the side effects of chemo.

Marijuana also helps reduce growth and speed of growth. However, it has sound side effects. Some people experience lowered coordination and reaction time accompanied by unwanted thoughts and anxiety. Cancer being “cured” can be challenging mainly because of how many people have it. Over 600,000 people die in the US each year. We try over 100,000 new medicine each year.

We have treatments depending on how far along and what type it is. Radiation kills almost all cancer cells, making it hard for them to return. Suppose possible cancer will be removed through surgery. We also use lasers and blood transfusions. The most common type of cancer is breast cancer, and the survival rate is over 90%. It is possible to heal some cancers.

Cancer costs can be expensive each year. We spend 895 billion on research. According to cancer research UK, we spend 96 billion in the US. Per person, cancer treatment costs 100k. Cancer is the 4th most expensive disease to cure.

Cancer cures can be hard to come by, but they are possible. In just a few years, we should have a “cure.”

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