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Consequences of Underage Drinking Essay

Consequences of Underage Drinking Essay


One of the most often abused addictive drugs is alcohol. Alcohol stands in the way of your brain’s communication pathways. It can have an impact on how the brain functions and looks. The confusion can alter your frame of mind and actions, resulting in difficulty in moving and thinking.

However, adults are not the only ones to make trouble when drinking. According to the “Journal of Public Health Policy,” Every day in the United States, more than 7000 children under 16 start drinking, and young people under 21 account for as much as 20 % of all the alcohol consumed here.” (Kessler 292) Many teens and children are influenced by their parents or someone of drinking age. This results in underage drinking because they feel that alcohol abuse is allowed. The underaged youth uses a vast majority of the alcohol.

But, teens’ bodies are not done being developed. They failed to understand that drinking alcohol creates many problems ahead. In this essay, I will show that alcohol generates numerous problems for underage teens and children.

Drinking while underage can do several dangerous things. One thing is to do damage to your brain. It is said in a research that drinking while your brain is still developing can cause it to alter or stall. This can leave you with brain damage for the remainder of your life. It can also affect the hippocampus in your brain as well.

The hippocampus is the area in your brain shaped like a sea horse. Its responsibility is for learning and memory. This is an essential part of your brain because, without it, you would be unable to properly learn at school or even do your favorite hobbies. The smaller the area is, the more damage done due to alcohol.

Typically, teenager drinks more drink in a single sitting than adults do. This question is known as “binge drinking” (or eating an excessive amount over a short period). This is often the case for the more college underclassmen and a considerable proportion of high schoolers who consume at parties and cultural events. The joy of drinking combined with friends and the abundance of alcoholic drinks will get children to drink excessively and get dangerously intoxicated.

Teens are more likely to binge drink than adults. Binge drinking is used short for heavy drinking over a short period. Koop emphasizes, “Survey findings indicate that approximately 3 million fourteen to 17-year old’s have problems with the use of alcohol. More than 3 million or 27% of all 10th to 12th graders drink at least once a week; more than half of these users drink heavily at least once a week.” (1)

When people hear about binge drinking, they assume more than five drinks at a time. Most teens binge drink because of peer pressure, and it looks fun. Some other reasons are curiosity, belief that it makes you feel good, or even being a stress reliever. Binge drinking can also cause high blood pressure and be overweight before you hit 25.

These things are done without considering the serious risk that goes into it. Alcohol poisoning is at the top of the list of effects due to binge drinking. This happens when drinking too much alcohol. It affects the body’s involuntary movements like gagging and breathing. It can get so severe that if your gag reflex fails to work, it can result in choking to death.

The next issue of underage drinking is driving while intoxicated. People taking under this force of alcohol are usually referred to as drunken drivers or drunk drivers. When charged with death as one offense, it may be referred to as a DUI (riding under the influence) or DWI (riding while intoxicated), where DUI is generally considered a lesser crime.

Surveys have been performed to determine commonalities between severe drunken drivers. Forces are also in place to protect citizens from those effects received by intoxicated drivers. The article “Alcohol Use Among Youth” states, “As a result, approximately 10,000 young people are killed each year in alcohol-related accidents of all kinds alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among Americans aged 15 to 24.” (Roth 122)

While drinking and driving is never a good idea at any age, teen drivers are at a far higher risk of injury or death when they have alcohol in their system.

Teens who have a blood alcohol level below.08 (the legal limit for adults) are at a considerably higher risk of being involved in a car accident. The reasons behind this are straightforward. Inexperienced drivers, weak decision-making abilities, peer pressure, and a low tolerance for alcohol combine to create a perfect storm for teenagers. When all of these elements come together, it spells tragedy.

The good news is that teenagers are far less likely than adults to drive after drinking, and this trend continues. Cases of drinking and driving are among the most prevalent alcohol-related offenses. Alcohol abuse, on the other hand, may lead to several other crimes. For instance, things like robbery, sexual assault, aggravated assault, intimate partner violence, child abuse, and homicide.

The confluence of alcoholism, drug addiction, and violence manifests in various ways. Alcohol and other abused substances can affect brain processes, causing a high-risk person to act aggressively and violently. Alcohol is said to have disinhibiting effects, releasing violent impulses from their cerebral inhibition, according to traditional knowledge.

Nash reports, “Experimental studies have also shown a consistent relationship at the individual level between alcohol use and aggressive behavior, especially in the presence of social cues that would normally elicit an aggressive response; the consumption of alcohol increases the aggressiveness of this response.” (293) Alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, and psychomotor stimulants are all distinct in terms of how they are linked to various types of violent and aggressive behavior.

The significant statistical link between drinking alcohol and doing a violent or aggressive act, or being the subject of violent conduct, leads to the search for plausible causative connections. Experimental data from animal and human research reveals a complicated pattern of outcomes at the level of the cellular site of action, physiological system, complete organism, social context, and culture, which necessitates more investigation.

Alcohol is abundantly available nowadays, and it is intensively marketed across society. And for many individuals, drinking alcohol is still considered a natural part of growing up. Yet, as seen by the frequency of alcohol-related car accidents, murders, suicides, and other injuries, underage drinking is harmful to the drinker and society.

People who start drinking early in life are more likely to develop significant alcohol issues later in life, including alcoholism. They are also at a higher risk of adverse effects, including dangerous sexual behavior and poor academic achievement. Identifying teenagers who are most at risk can assist prevent issues from arising. We can build a better future for kids globally by teaching them about the dangers of alcohol.


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