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Arranged Marriages Persuasive Essay

Arranged Marriages Persuasive Essay Example


Every race on the planet has a long-preserved tradition of arranged marriage. It is widely used in Asian and African cultures. Arranged weddings account for 55% of all marriages worldwide. Arranged weddings are typically based on family contracts, as most parents want their daughters to marry as soon as possible. At the same time, they are still young and marketable to their friends.

Various variables affected arranged marriages, including customs, culture, religion, poverty, inheritance, politics, and disabilities. Arranged weddings also contribute to child marriages. Arranged marriages are enforced to preserve family honor. This is because most cultures regard a single unmarried woman as a disgrace who does not contribute to society by having a kid. I disagree with these points of view because every human being has the right to choose who they wish to love.

Firstly, planned marriages are frequently the result of financial hardship. Many adults struggled to find work in impoverished countries of Asia and Africa, either owing to a lack of job opportunities or the culture’s misogynistic views on women working. Most parents want their daughters to marry to reduce their household’s financial burden, as arranging a marriage is less expensive than sending their daughters to college. If a father is in serious debt, he may be forced to “sell” his daughters. As a result, many wealthy people have abused this privilege by paying hefty amounts to buy their daughters’ marriage agreements.

Second, arranged weddings violate human rights, and UNICEF has advocated for the prohibition of forced marriages and underage marriages. The honor killing, prevalent in most Middle Eastern countries, has resulted in the deaths of countless women because a woman’s reluctance to marry is deemed immoral or dishonorable to the family.

Many of these marriages end with the wife being abused mentally or physically by her husband and her own family. This technique is still used today, as the act of “tradition maintains patriarchal beliefs on women.” The lack of choice in choosing who they want to live with for the remainder of their life has resulted in this harmful tradition being carried down for centuries merely to keep the bloodline running.

Third, it is claimed that planned weddings, such as in Islam, promote better marriages because of the parents’ blessing. Furthermore, it is considered that the earlier their daughters marry, the greater the financial reward they will receive. In Islam, for example, there is a system known as “Mehr.” Furthermore, relieving the family’s burden of caring for their daughters in exchange for financial recompense appears to be a fair bargain.

This is incorrect because many women in arranged marriages continue to experience violence from their spouses while battling poverty. The financial compensation for weddings was a loan that served as a mask to please the daughters’ parents. As a result, planned marriages should be prohibited and discouraged since they deny women agency and rights by treating them as objects rather than actual human beings.

To summarise, I strongly disagree that planned marriages result in successful marriages because they violate women’s and human rights. The patriarchal and capitalistic culture has exploited the act of arranging marriages to prey on young women to force them to obey their spouses. As a result, these women are more likely to be brainwashed and continue the tradition of arranged marriages to maintain their honor and avoid social ostracism. Arranged marriages are horrible for women because they treat them as objects rather than human beings with feelings, so I disagree that they do not lead to successful marriages.

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