A Free Essay on The Life and Art of Claude Monet

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A Free Essay on The Life and Art of Claude Monet

A Free Essay on The Life and Art of Claude Monet

Oscar Claude Monet was a French painter and founder of french impressionism. Some people thought he was the most famous painter. He produced over 2000 paintings, and his exhibits attract thousands of visitors annually. His paintings are sold for millions of pounds. However, it was not always like that, and the beginning was very different. Monet’s story starts in a small town in France. It was Honfleur, France, mid 19th century. Claude was born on November 14 1840. His father was out of Adolf, a  successful businessman who owned a grocery store, and his mother was a singer. At such a young age, Claude had a passion for drawing. His father wanted him to become a wealthy businessman like him, but he had other ideas.

When he was 13, he used to leave the house and go to places that inspired him. He drew ships, the sea, anything that he saw. He never liked the school because he disliked being told what to do. He used to draw funny pictures and sell them. One day at age 16, when he was painting, a local artist showed him how to paint and do what is best properly. When he was 17, on January 28 1857, his mother got ill and died. He was in great grief and depression.  In 1857  he signed a seven-year army contract at age 21 but left after two years.

When he left the army, he went to live with his aunt. He encouraged him to become an artist, and in 1862 he attended Académie Suisse and studio. His aunt wanted him to go to the finest high school, but he went to Sussie because it was free and full of a young artists with new ideas. He enjoyed the Académie and met his lifelong friends.

He has been painting for four years but without much success. His father thought it was time for him to get a proper job. He barely had any money from selling his paintings.  At the time, he was dating an artist model  Camille, but his aunt and father disapproved. He painted a life-size painting of her and wanted to enter the most extensive exhibition, The Salon. It was the central turning point in his art career. He told the prest were so fascinated with the painting that he told them that it took him four days when it took five months. His money still was not enough to get him out of poverty.

It was June 28 1870, and financial terms were still not approved. He decided to marry Camille and join her and her son soon after giving birth. In July  1920, a war was declared, and Russia invaded France, so  Claude and his family decided to go to London. During his stay, he heard the bad news that his best friend Basil had died in battle. In 1871 The war ended, and after spending time in Holland, they returned to Paris.  Day after day, he painted outside, trying to capture the light. At age 34, 1874, he decided he did not want to paint for The Salon, and he wanted to paint for the public. He was letting them have new ways of seeing.

They wanted to revolutionize art. later on, an exhibition of their own started taking shape on 35 Boulevard des Capucines. The Paris exhibition was open from April 15 to May 15 1874. They had over 4000 visitors but still have not made much money. Louis, an art critic, thought his art insulted the intelligence and taste of the public, nothing more than a painting of impressionism. This is one Claude started to call his style of painting impressionism. His second exhibition was in 1876 when he was 36.

When Claude was 39, in September 1879, his wife died due to illness at age 32. He painted a picture of Camille on her deathbed. In 1880 at age 46, Claude became more determined to become a better painter. In 1883 he produced 30 paintings which were part of the 56 paintings in the  One-man exhibition in Paris 1883.

In 1890 he sold more paintings than ever and increased finance and success. He even married Alice Hoschede in 1892 when he was 52. In 1892 there was an exhibition of the haystack series. His goal was to show impressionists what painting and capturing light are. He sold all of his paintings for 30000 to 50000 £ each.

He brought a beautiful house with different types of flowers and a pond so inspiring he could paint for years non-stop. It was the start of the water lily series he focused on. In 1899 he built a second larger studio because he wanted to spend the rest of his life drawing and painting. From the 1890s to the 1900s, his art became extremely popular. In 1902 an exhibition of his 39 paintings was sold in 3 days. Sadly on May 16, 1911, his wife Alice Monet died. He was now on his own.

The next few years went terrible. In 1912 he was diagnosed with the nuclear contract, a visual disorder.  People thought he was going blind. He began to experience changes in his perception of colour. Colour was an art to him, and he could not give that up. Claude Monet, unfortunately, died of lung cancer on December 5, 1826, at age 86 in France. It was the end of his artistic journey. His story began in France, and it ended in France. Monet was an incredible artist who inspired many people. Now his paintings are available for all people to see. They can be found at Orangerie in Paris.  At last, a quote to remember his creative soul. The richness I achieve comes from the source of my inspiration.

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