Essay on My Father’s Death and Its Effect on Me

Essay on My Father's Death and Its Effect on Me

Essay on My Father’s Death and Its Effect on Me

One sunny morning on February 15, 2016, I woke up expecting that it would be another regular day. But, what I didn’t expect was my father collapsing, hitting the concrete pavement, and ending up in the hospital. The reason for his unconsciousness was due to him developing a severe case of pneumonia that got progressively worse, especially as it was left untreated.

I was pulled out of my class a week later with no clue why. When I saw my mother and family members, they all looked grief-stricken. That’s when I found out I lost my father. I was in utter disbelief, sobbing at the news. I sought guidance among my immediate family members and found none, which meant that I now had to move forward in the life of my own volition.

The aftermath of my father’s death drastically changed my life in a short time span. One drastic change was my mother moving our family from an apartment unit to a spacious condominium. I was heavily opposed to the decision as the apartment unit had a lot of my childhood experiences. But, my mother said that it evoked too many memories of my father and that it would never allow the family to move on.

I reluctantly agreed with the reasoning as I didn’t have much of a choice regardless of what I wanted. After a couple of months of living in the new condominium and exploring the new neighborhood, I was content with my new surroundings. I started to take on more personal responsibility, which I lacked as I was shy, and didn’t appreciate the value of having a family.

So, I started small at first, such as doing simple chores around my home and helping my younger brother with homework. I worked hard to alleviate any burden from my mother over the next couple of years as she was still emotionally crippled from my father’s death. This meant that I assisted her with finances and helped manage a very small religious non-profit that helped people in need.

Shortly, before my father’s death, he stated that you should help people regardless if you gain anything in return. I took this advice to heart, and slowly incorporated it into my daily life. I saw the importance of helping people as it allows you to build social connections with other people and allowed me to see the less fortunate parts of society. I learned how to be grateful for my circumstances and that my father’s death wasn’t the worst event that could have happened in my life.


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