Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce Essay Example

Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce Essay Example

Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce Essay Example

Nobody knows what can happen next or how long people will live, so why live your life in misery? Lawmakers statewide debate over if divorces should be more difficult to obtain, similar to how hard it is for immigrants to come to the United States. Some argue divorce should be harder to obtain, while others feel it should not be harder to acquire. Divorce should not be harder to obtain because gray divorces are often from 1st-time marriages,  not all divorces are bad, and sometimes people just marry the wrong person.

Many people believe that divorces should not be difficult to obtain. First, the majority of gray divorces are from 1st marriages. As people grow older they are generally financially stronger and divorce can make them feel more empowered.  In gray divorces typically the children are adults, so there is a less negative impact on the family. When couples are involved in gray divorces there is a lot of astigmatism around divorce earlier in their marriage.

Furthermore, not all divorces are nasty and many end with the parties reminding friendly.  Couples can have an amicable divorce by exercising the “no-fault” divorce. An alternative is for couples to utilize “collaborative law” to do what is best for the family. Finally, sometimes married couples should never have been married in the first place. Due to social pressures, such as the Catholic Church, some people marry the wrong person and live in unhappy marriages.  “In an “Irish Divorce” two people living separate lives and in all ways strangers, disconnected from each other, sharing only an unhappy past and a pair of wedding rings.” (Schulte).

While there is much evidence that supports how divorce should be relatively easy to obtain, there is also some research, then suggests how divorce should not be easy to obtain. Some people believe that it should be harder for couples to get a divorce.

First, If it is easy for people to get a divorce may not be as committed to each other. The changes in the laws that are making divorce easier has led to people not taking their marriage vow seriously. As a result of people not taking marriage seriously, this has led to a rise in divorce rates.

Moreover, divorce leads to a breakdown in the family structure. Children whose parents are divorced can experience poor performance at school, mental health issues, and drug addiction. Furthermore, this puts these families at risk for poverty which brings hardship.

Although there is evidence that divorce can be hard on families, there is more evidence showing that divorce does not always lead to a negative situation. In the end, people should have the right to choose who they want to spend their life with, without difficulty.


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