Appropriate Classroom Behavior Essay Example

Appropriate Classroom Behavior Essay Example

The student that was chosen has a mild disability and has been on academic probation in school for different reason to also include fighting.  To protect the integrity of the student the name will be fictitious. Esteban Sanchez appeared to be a normal student that was in middle school with no apparent physical appearance of the need of any special need services Esteban came from another state, and they did follow the protocol that we do in our state. They just assumed that he looked normal, and acted normal so they didn’t perform any pre-referral.  In our state pre-referral intervention is used to identify, develop, and implement alternative education strategies for students who have been recognized with problems in the classroom before the student is referred to special education. In the process that we use the team usually consist of teacher, the parents/ guardians, an administer, and other education teachers, nurse, guidance counselor, and any other adults involved in the education of the student. All the changes in IDEA in 2004, many states and independent school districts having been using a more formal and systematic pre-referred process called response to intervention (RTTI).  Esteban mother had a different opinion about his academic progress, and his mother was a school teacher. She felt like he was not reading on the level as the other students. She felt that he might have a learning disability, because he was not reading on the same level as the other students. They moved from another state, and he was in a regular classroom, but was barley passing the subjects. The state he came from he was never given any type of assessment, and when he arrived at our school the record indicated that he was supposed to be in regular classroom. Then Mrs. Sanchez spoke to student support service who advise her to bring her concern to the teacher. Mrs. Sanchez felt that her son needed to be evaluated, because she felt that he might have a disability. Because of Mrs. Sanchez concerned he was given assessment by regular teacher, counselor, and school psychologist. It was determining that Esteban Sanchez had being surving academically, but had been struggle with reading.Most of the class today that you participate in involves reading, and he had been struggling from elementary school to middle school. He exhibits overall good behavior in all his classes, and was a called a model student.  The assessment that was used on Esteban was Basic-2 (parent/teacher), Das-II, Toni-3. KTEA-II, Vmi-6, VABS-II (parent), ASRS (parent), and ASRS (teacher). Estaben lost a lot opportunity from the other state, because they failed to recognize or be concerning about his learning disability. So, when he arrived in my state we followed the information that we received in his school records. Most teacher watch everything when student start pre-k to try to pick up anything that might be different in a student.  If we see any type of concerns we pass this information to other educator that make an assessment of the student to determine what the student might need to help with their learning ability. Sometime professional, counselor, teacher and administrator may mistake a need or problem student. Very few children missed with the diagnosis, but Estaban appeared to be normal in every aspect, and didn’t need any special need assessment, but the mother was determining that it was a problem, because he could not read, and that was the conclusion the administrator came up with was SLD.After the assessment, it was determining that Esteban had went from elementary school with no diagnosis, because the information that they received from previous school. After the assessment, it was determining that Esteban had (SLD) with the determination from the test.   The team determined that Esteban was eligible for special education services. Then a formal individualized Education Program (IEP) team was formed to developed a plan of special education services.  We established a contract between the parent and the school district that would describe the special education service that would be provided by the local education district. after viewing the information in the IEP he was placed in special education in a self -contained classroom. Then we determined that he needed a Behavior Intervention Plan(BIP) It became apparent that we were dealing with behavior issues. Some point and time in class he refused to communicate then there was outburst, and excessive breathing technique. He started breathing very hard as if he wanted to fight. He was the short student in my class, and felt that he would have to prove himself to others if they attempt to disrespect him. He felt that because of his height that another student would try to intimidate him or run over him.  He was schedule to have his classes in the classroom except for two classes, because a paraprofessional had to go with him to the other two classes to help him with their learning process. Teacher based own the data they received will determined will whether they will use district-wide or district wide assessment. Esteban behavior started changing after he was diagnosis with a reading disability he became hostile to the fact that he was in special education. He was good in math, and his writing wasn’t the best, but he was just ashamed that he was in special education. When arrived in the morning on the special education bust with other students.He would stand in the group with the rest of the students. He would leave that area, because he didn’t want anybody to know that he was in a special education classes. Esteban was more high function than the other students in my classroom. He was allowed to go pick up breakfast from the cafeteria for the other students, because all my students ate in the classroom except for Estaben because he was allowed to change class, and associate with regular students. The IEP set goal that we tried to obtain for Estaben with Benchmark pages that would focus on specific need for special education services like reading. We tried to meet annual goals with the participation of the parent in the IEP meeting. Later in the school Estaben started acting out a lot disrespecting teacher, and student with his aggressive behavior. He was questioned by me and he stated that if the other students saw him being disrespect, and if I hadn’t done anything to them everybody would have disrespect me. I saw when the administrator tried to talk with you, and you disrespected her then what was the problem. He told me when I get like that I don’t want to talk with anybody. When he arrived back to the room and calm down and explain what happen it was his fault. The other special education student had make derogatory statement, and then he threw the first punch.When I tried to explain it to the administer they didn’t want to listen then I just froze up on them. The administer gave him to two days inn In-school Suspension (ISS). Mrs. Sanchez didn’t agree with the administer, and told her that she should have been more concern my son instead of putting him in ISS. He served his two days in ISS, but the other student continues to be messes with him by texting derogatory statement on his IPad. The end result is that the other student was placed in ISS, because of his behavior. After that incident in class he still shows a lot of hostel behavior. If any administer would talk with him he would have attitude.  Then later in the school year we had to load the student on the bus because of the weather then had to immediately take them off. This was total confusion for all the special education students. All special education students are used to a routine that they follow daily, and any change in their schedule has a tendency to change their behavior.Estaban was very upset about getting on and off the bus. He assumed that it was the bus driver that change the procedures, and he then assaulted the bus driver. He was placed in academic tribune and suspend from the riding on the school bus for a week, and in turn his parents had to bring him to school. Then later after a couple meeting with the parents, and people higher up in the chain he was allowed to return back to school, and was allowed to ride a different bus. I feel that because of his special education hey used that to change his outcome, because he didn’t understand his behavior, and his special education had a lot to do with the outcome.  Cohen, L. G. & Spencer, L. J. (2003). Assessment of children and youth with special needs. Boston: Allyn& Bacon   Lewis, A. C. (2005). THE OLD, NEW idea. The Education Digest, 70(5). 68-70.Male, Dawn. Sage handbook of special education. Chapter 35. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publication, 2007 460-463.Thompson, S. J.; Quenemoen, R. F; Thurlow, M. L; & Ysseldyke, J. E. (2001). Alternate assessment for students with disabilities. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press


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